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Peacock Feathered Spiral

Peacock Feathered Spiral by AmorinaAshton
Daily Deviation
Given 2008-05-18
Occasionally, there is a simple and classic fractal design that just stands out from the crowd. Here is an excellent example of the most well-loved and classic of fractal shapes: The spiral. (*The Suggester Writes): What a beautiful stream of feathers is *AmorinaAshton's ~ Peacock Feathered Spiral. The colors are flaming, and added to that... is an elegant and exquisite silky texture. It's one of the most gorgeous spirals I've seen. (Suggested by *Hadarniel and Featured by `Sophquest)

box thanks to DEVlANT

Autumn in Gold I

Autumn in Gold I by AmorinaAshton

Daily Deviation
Given 2008-11-02
The richness of gold and amber tones, contrasted against a black background, make this glorious fractal a standout piece for fall. ~ Autumn in Gold I by *AmorinaAshton is a majestic design that seems to be both... absorbing and reflecting, its warming light. What a beautiful new addition to the artist's gallery! (Featured by `Sophquest)

box thanks to DEVlANT

The Ladies of Gnarl

The Ladies of Gnarl by AmorinaAshton

Daily Deviation
Given 2009-01-10
The Ladies of Gnarl by *AmorinaAshton suggester writes, "Yes, the fractal gallery has seen its fair share of gnarls lately but to me this one stands head and shoulders above the rest (pun intended!) It is elegant, it is delicate, and it is so very clever. It takes a real talent to make such a complex pattern look so easy and I think this artist has succeeded wonderfully." (Suggested by ~CoRayBee and Featured by `cmptrwhz)

box thanks to DEVlANT

What a Bloomin' Life2

What a Bloomin' Life 2 by AmorinaAshton

Daily Deviation
Given 2009-08-31
What a Bloomin' Life 2 by *AmorinaAshton suggester writes, "The colors, composition, and near photo-realistic quality makes this one truly amazing fractal, yes, FRACTAL" (Suggested by *FracFx and Featured by `cmptrwhz)

Critique by ~heavenriver Mar 20, 2010, 5:48:36 PM
Fractal flowers are quite easy to make with Ultra Fractal, but that's not the same for Apophysis. That's what makes this work amazing even just for the effort put into it. It's an extremely beautiful fractal rose, blooming gloriously; its decisive, sunny, bright orange greets the world in a warm and peaceful welcome, and shows itself in all its splendour. But the flower's border petals mitigate that effect with their light blue sweetness, and the white core gives it a modest, candid touch of delicacy. The sleeky swirls give it the final touch, leaving the already amazed viewer to wonder wether it's a real rose or a glass one, shrouding the fractal in a sense of incorruptible eternity.

Critique by *Anangel24 Sep 1, 2009, 5:22:54 AM
I think this piece is pretty amazing. When I first looked at it, I couldn't tell if it were feathers, flowers or a different interpretation of a sunburst. It amost looks as if it could also be fabric. I love the color combination, the layout, the concept and the sense of amost kaotic movement. My eyes were constantly moving around the page. I'm not sure what you were going for, but I definitely feel you hit the mark. I haven't seen your other work yet, but this is pretty awesome. I will absolutely put you on my watch list. Keep up the good work, I love it

box thanks to DEVlANT

Desert Rose

Desert Rose by AmorinaAshton

Given 2010-09-15
I've never seen a fractal flower like *AmorinaAshton's Desert Rose. Incredibly smooth texture and dramatic lighting and coloring really make this piece shine. (Suggested by ^mintyy and Featured by ^DragonWinter)

Critique by `FarDareisMai 17 hours, 47 minutes ago
This caught my eye while I was browsing your gallery; I didn't even realize it had received a DD until I fullviewed it!
This is a great example of how an unusual fractal doesn't have to be obvious about it unusualness. It has a wonderful mix of mainstream, classical aesthetics (smooth render, splash of bright color on a monochrome background) and more "unpopular" elements (minimalistic approach to detail, hot spots, "unbalanced" (in a good way) use of negative space). I love it when people can turn something that is usually seen as a defect into a key artistic feature, and you have done that very well here. The overall result is that this is quite original, but it's a subtle kind of originality. Good job. :)

box thanks to DEVlANT

The Cross of Life

78T4-The Cross of Life by AmorinaAshton

Given 2013-09-11
78T4-The Cross of Life by *AmorinaAshton ( Featured by SaTaNiA )

box thanks to DEVlANT

Recieved Critique

Dandelion Dreams

Dandelion Dreams by AmorinaAshton
Critique by `SaTaNiA 19 hours, 5 minutes ago
Amorina, Amorina...
You always impress me with your textured flames and awesome gradients.
Here is the perfect example of what i'm speaking about.

This "classic" pattern we all play with one day in our fractal life, look so different in your hands.
Here you give it a real flower aspect, a real depth and organic aspect.

The gradient and color scheme you choose for this dev is simply perfect, it match and give perfectly all the atmosphere you need to create this flower.

The choose of a non black background is really nice too, and give it another unusual aspect which I really enjoy !

So once more it's a great job from you amorina :)

Simply keep it on !
box thanks to DEVlANT

Tainted Love

Tainted Love by AmorinaAshton
Critique by *SyphonLetter Jul 18, 2010, 12:06:35 PM
One thing that always surprises me most is how some fractal artists find a very impressive style with some unique aspects.
Amorina Ashton found that way and always amazes me with her special elements. Between others, Amorina always find some kind of nature on her fractals, always with the smooth, kind, calm, and harmonious style, being a crazy polygonal maze, a Peaceful Dance of Waves and shapes or a Organize Sci-Fiction Looking fractal.
I really feel some peace on this amazing Piece of Art, contrasting with the aggressive and Dark Red/White Gradient.
The Design is trilling and symmetrical, making some kind of rule around the motive. The While Shapes on the foreground reminds me puddles of wax hiding the amazing textured background like Ancient Pompeian Freshes.
The special curve that goes around the master piece expanding on the top, makes me feel some kind of presence of a third dimensional.
The way you make your fractals special, trills me everytime i see one of your works on my message box...You have my blessing, Your work is fantastic and unique.
box thanks to DEVlANT



Artist | Digital Art
Current Residence: British living in Germany
Favourite genre of music: Its all about House Music and always will be!
Favourite style of art: Fractals
Operating System: Vista
Personal Quote: Be grateful for everyday as tomorrow may never come

Quick Hello + thank you's!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 18, 2013, 4:01 AM
Hi everyone, im afraid im not back fully, but from time to time i look in to watch what you are all doing :-) (Smile)
I was so stunned to see i recently got a DD \0/ ... so wonderful to know my fractals are still get looked at, huge thanks to Satania and everyone that faved or commented ...much much appreciated.

Wish i could show you something new, but i haven't really made a fractal for months, i keep trying to get back into it, but somehow i cant seem to do anything new, i also have no clue how to use chaotica either lol, and DA has changed so much im a bit lost.

Anyway i hope you are all well and if anyone wants to spend some of thier time on skype with me to help me get things set up again, id really appreciate it ... send me an email at and maybe we can setup a talk.

And last but not least, thank you to the many many new followers and all the people who commented on my works this last year xxx

Stay safe everyone ♥

PS, i don't know if Ive submitted this journal more than once now, for me its not showing on my front page, so hope it does this time...sorry if your getting multiple journals lol

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And to whoever recently bought one of my prints TYSM...i have no idea how to find out who you are, but its deeply appreciated and made me smile :-)

Tc all ....hopefully cu soon! ♥ Amo
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